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Take Me For A Ride

Toma Fichter

Photography Series
Oct 6 - Nov 26, 2022

Who's taking who for a ride? 
Me, you, or them? 
This is a multiple choice test.
And there are no wrong answers.
Come see for yourself.
Maybe you'll enjoy the ride.

Exhibition Background

Shortly, after 9/11, there was an overwhelming sense of fear and a lack of trust between ordinary strangers. Tensions were high as America was entering into a war in Afghanistan.  In the 1960s, America was in the midst of the Vietnam War and civil tensions were high.  However, Toma recalls this time hitch hiking across the country during this turbulent time in American history.  Tapping into the spirit of  trust between strangers and cars, Toma takes his childhood memory of riding in the back of convertibles during the early 1950s and embarks this journey with strangers. 

Whenever Toma spotted a classic convertible in the tri-state area, he'd find a way to drop the following pre-stamped postcard inside the car.

To Toma's surprise, over the years, he received over three dozen willing participants to go for a ride on a parkway, a rural roadway, a drive through a nature preserve or state park; somewhere with an open road devoid of advertising, telephone lines, or other architectural disturbances.  This is Toma's attempt to recapture the experience of flying on the ground with someone who has a shared love and wonder lust of the open road.  Through the process, not only did Toma capture a moment, but also was lucky enough to hear the unique stories behind the driver and the car.

Would you go for a ride with Toma?

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