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Charles Dixon III

Group Exhibition of Charles Dixon III & his fellow colleagues from the Metropolitan Museum

April 3 - May 5, 2022

REMEMBERING CHARLES DIXON III, will honor the life of a quint-essential art worker who was born April 3rd, 1951 and died last year on May 5, 2021 from pancreatic cancer. Charles Dixon III worked as a technician in Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum for ten years. This group exhibition is composed of some works by Mr. Dixon and twenty-five of his colleagues/friends from the Metropolitan Museum.  Exhibition designed by Dan Kershaw, exhibition design manager in the Design Department at the Metropolitan Museum.

Featuring work by 

Charles Dixon III* | Andrew Zarou Arthur Polendo |

Billy Vance | Brooks Shaver| Deepa Paulus | Danny Olson |

Dennis Kaiser Emilie Lemakis  Jeff Elliott Juan Stacey  

Katherine Daniels  | Lenka Maskova | Manus Gallagher 

Mucha Vargas  Oi-Cheong Lee Pavol Roskovensky  

Predrag Dimitrijevic | Rachel Robinson | Ricky Luna 

Shane Morrissey  SLPeters Thomas Vinton  Toma Fichter


                                                         *work of Charles Dixon III from Denny Stone

The Times We Had
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