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201@105 Gallery and Studio

Two Person Show

by Mucha Vargas & Sachiko Hisajima


Copyright by: Toma Fichter

201@105 Gallery

is pleased to announce an exhibition:

Two Person Show

by Mucha Vargas & Sachiko Hisajima

opens May 30 - June 30, 2024

reception Thursday, May 30th from 6-9 pm

Sachiko Hisajima's
Artist Statement

In my painting, I want to craft something beautiful that gives the viewer visual comfort and pleasure.


Color is a vital element of my work. Color is a form of energy that can touch people’s emotions. A color itself or a combination of colors has a powerful effect on people’s feelings and behavior. I like to make people comfortable and happy. Using color is a moderate but powerful way of affecting people.


I started working on lemon painting in 2020 during the pandemic when my daughter headed to college. Thinking of an object that I could paint to decorate her dorm room, I thought of a lemon because it is said to bring good luck, in terms of feng shui, and I believe that it has the power of purification. The subject matter sounded perfect during that moment. Since then, I became hooked on the theme with different compositions and background colors. The combination of naturally elaborated lemons and distinctive background colors will take the viewer to a pleasant journey.

Mucha Vargas'
Artist Statement

One. Then another one. And. More came later. Still coming.


I didn’t know growing up in the capital of Peru, my artistic mind and curiosity would come from my Mom, a Chilean. A place where life’s good and then your sweet tooth invites diabetes. Just like I didn’t know someday I would have a daughter who would study at Cambridge. Just like I didn’t know 9/11 would take hold of my artistic output for an unforeseeable length of time. Or become friends with a psychoanalyst who has a fondness for the color brown and for images of monks.


The door stopper piece in this exhibition gave me exquisite bursts of sugar rush. A sense of the good in life. But there are only two door stoppers? Yes, but each one has three sides, and that’s where I come in and become a part of the piece. We are family.

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