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Group Exhibition of Women Artists

Jan 6, 2022 - Feb 6, 2022

Works from 201@105's collection: 
Vivian Maier
Vija Celmins

Ellen Kuras
Magali Nougarède
Kara Hammond
Hagar Vardimon

With the many inequities and preconceived limitations placed on women throughout society, 201@105's presents a group exhibition featuring all women artists.  Works range from photography, etching, conceptual, painting, and needlepoint.

Also featuring work by 

Elise P. Church | Costanza Ferme | Celeste Fichter |
Samantha Isom | Helena Kubicka de Bragança |
Negin Sharifzadeh | Garima Thakur |
Nanette Villanueva

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