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Group Exhibition of Artists of Asian Decent

Feb 17 - March 31, 2022

Works from 201@105's collection: 
Harendra Kushwaha
Mayumi Lake
Eddie Louie
Garima Thakur
Shizuka Yokomizo

Rather than hide the identities of these artist, 201@105 embraces the Asian descents of these artists and celebrates the diversity they bring. One broad brushstroke cannot define what is Asian or the art that is produced by artists of Asian descent. From traditional images to the more abstract gaze that comes from some Asian artists' viewpoint, the exhibition illuminates a spectrum of experiences.

Also featuring work by 

Drea DiCarlo | Fernando Eguchi | 

Andy Hue | Chi-Wei Hue | Hungry Artist NY | 

Skowman Hastanan | Sonia Kelley |

Julie Jung Harumi Ori  

Nanette Villanueva 

Exhibition Title Backstory:

At the start of 2022, #VeryAsian was a hashtag that trended on social media in response to a voice message that Asian-American news anchor, Michelle Li, received after an evening news segment.


She read a story about traditional lucky foods people eat on New Year's Day. At then end of the story, she added a small personal tidbit, "I ate dumpling soup. That’s what a lot of Korean people do." Shortly afterwards, she received a voice message from a viewer who accused her of "being very Asian" and that she “can keep her Korean to herself.” Rather than becoming just another story of anti-Asian hate that have been so prevalent since the start of COVID-19, the voicemail turned into a positive movement on social media where the term #VeryAsian started to trend as people were proud to share their Asian roots openly while non-Asian Americans also showed their support to the Asian-American community to be who they are.

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